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My Journey To Becoming More Sustainable.

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Hi! So this is my first ever blog post - very exciting! I am sure I will be checking the site views every minute and jumping for joy when I reach 10, then realize it was just me! 😂

Anyway, so a new year and a new resolution, and this year I want to make changes in my lifestyle to become more sustainable. I have made some changes already but unfortunately I can't say I stick to them all the time. It's very frustrating to get to the check out counter and realize I forgot my own bags or I ask for a cocktail and forget to tell the waiter I don't need a straw and then its too late! I am sure I am not the only one, but I decided its time I made a conscious effort to really make it happen and change my habits today, not tomorrow or next week, but today!

What made me want to make a change? I was browsing Youtube looking for my next diving and beach destination holiday and came across this video from Mind Boggler, which shows the damage and pollution being made to beaches across the planet. I was shocked and saddened to see this and started questioning, how did it get like this? Who is helping to make things better? My husband and I enjoy freediving and its scary to think that the oceans pollution could get worse and cause even more damage to the beaches and sea life. So I decided I can at least do my part to contribute to improve the situation.

I am writing this blog to share with you what I learn and also as a way to stick with it! If I start slacking hopefully someone out there can give me the motivation and encouragement to keep going and I can inspire others too. I love crafting everything and constantly looking for new things to make, so I am also looking forward to finding creative solutions to the challenges I face and do some fun eco-friendly projects along the way.


Did you know every single bit of plastic ever made still exists? Here I read an interesting article from Greenpeace, about how we got into this mess! It's kind of obvious when you think about it, but very scary when I think about my impact as an individual, I am contributing to this every day. :( So, yes I aim to reduce my plastic waste as much as possible. I intend to seek out plastic alternatives or DIY options where I can re-use old containers.


I already recycle but I definitely have room for improvement and need to re-think about every item I throw away and if I'm even doing it right?! This video from It's ok to be smart questions the methods of recycling we follow and how to fix it, I'm guilty of wishcycling for sure!

At the moment we order a lot from a meal delivery service but there are only a few restaurants which offer eco-friendly recyclable packaging. My husband and I both have long commutes so have little time during the week, so I need to do a little more planning at the weekend and cook more often. No laziness allowed. We can do it!

Adopt a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle habit.


Using up everything I have will be my first mission, I started already and began tidying my bathroom cabinets to see what I have, apparently I need 6 mascaras, 5 lip balms and plenty of other duplicates and random things I didn't even know I owned!

One of my biggest weaknesses will be online shopping. I live in china and it is a massive part of the way of life to shop online where you can find absolutely everything you need at the click of a button, delivered to your door within 1-3 days. It is extremely convenient but I need to cut down as the boxes and packaging I get is quite overwhelming and imagine that x 299 million active daily users on Taobao the biggest ecommerce website ! Ouch! From now on I will try not buy anything new unless completely necessary and when I do I will be looking for the most sustainable options.


Learn to carry my shopping bag with me! Be prepared for situations which may lead me to fail. Remember to ask for no cutlery, no straw, no plastic bag!


Ok, now this is a tough one as I love holidays as much as the next person and living in Asia there are so many beautiful places a short flight away. But I want to be a more eco-friendly traveler, so I will see how what changes I can make in regards to holidays and my daily life.

Great news, the metro line has just opened going to the station, so I have already ditched my evening taxi and I am taking the metro everyday, need to swap my mornings too, but one step at a time!

I found this quiz on the WWF website to calculate your carbon footprint, check it out to see how you are doing.


I am not on this journey by myself and I will start to follow some key Instagram accounts and youtubers. This video from The Girl Gone Green is about 3 key points points when starting out.

1) Take care of yourself first and have your basic needs met first.

2) Where are you today.

3) Find your why.

I will approach this with small steps rather than making too many changes all at once and not enjoying the process and have a more natural progression, I will probably fail along the way, but it's OK! Let's take this journey together, any tips and tricks please share with me and I hope at least 1 person out there reads this and can also benefit from what I have learnt along the way. xxx

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